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Making Dreams Come True

About Us

We are Randy and Gina, comprising the management team of Ships & Trips Travel Agency, based in the Lake Country area of Wisconsin. Residing with our three children, we find great joy in orchestrating family vacations. Our family prioritizes vacations or experiences over presents, so each year for Christmas, we plan a getaway. We have explored destinations such as Caribbean Cruises, Disney World, Universal Studios, Europe, and Hawaii, but our expertise lies in theme parks and cruises. We started this mission because we want to help others create long lasting memories.

As certified travel agents, we offer competitive prices and creative vacation suggestions. Our approach is client-centric, so we do not impose additional fees and prioritize a relaxed and collaborative working relationship. Vacations, for us, are a means to forge meaningful connections, share enjoyable experiences, and embrace diverse cultures. We will connect with you in person, phone, or Zoom to ensure we can have a real time conversation to answer your questions so we can personalize your trip. Our personal touch doesn’t stop once you book your vacation. We insist on helping you during and after your vacation too.

Allow us to curate your dream vacation, at no cost to you. Whether you seek a winter getaway, birthday celebration, a couples retreat, or a babymoon destination, we are here to plan a variety of extraordinary trips.

Our Mission

Create long lasting memories for our clients while making the process easy and stress free. 

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients to ensure you have a positive experience.

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